Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well I have been extremely busy lately. 

  Good news is that I will be updating the currently near empty store tomorrow. The store is sparce right now, but it is good that I am making sales! You will find teasers of items above!

 I am currently working on quite a few really awesome suitcases.  In the store update there are two new suitcases along with some vintage bags. 

 I am now accepting custom orders also. I know many people have vintage suitcases that they love but are in desperate need of an upcycle. Message me on etsy and we can chit chat something out.  You can pick your own fabric, or let me have reign. 
 I hope this post finds everyone well!



  1. omg...i think i'm in LOVE with that green tote! that green is amazing! great pieces.

  2. wow i love these bags. very vintagey!