Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sometimes I just feel like dancin'

I just thought I would post up a portion of what I have waiting to be upcycled.  I tried to organize my mess the best I could. 

I wish I had more time to dedicate to this.  I work and go to school so basically I have the weekends to myself and that's about it.  


  1. wow, that's an astounding amount of luggage! you'd probably die if you came to my flea market - tons of it!

  2. I spy with my little eye... A yellow case, like one my granny used to carry. I wonder have you sold/started on this one yet? I wonder do you ever do custom/ choice colors? Would love to know if this is for sale. ;)

  3. Travelbunny,

    if you are speaking of the yellow case that is right in front, no I have not sold this one. I have started it, as in cleaned it up and ripped the lining out. I do have a pretty fabulous green zebra print fabric lined up for this.

    A buyer could give me some feedback in what it is that they are looking for when it comes to fabric choice.

    If you would like convo me on etsy!